FAA Testing


Pilots and pilot candidates may be required to obtain a psychological and/or neuropsychological assessment as part of their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical certification. One of our neuropsychologists, Dr. John Largen, provides such testing including the CogScreen® assessment if required. The purpose of testing is to evaluate for potential neurocognitive or psychological deficits that may interfere with flight performance or flight training.u787The testing involves face-to-face assessment of cognitive functioning, attention and concentration, processing speed, executive functions, and personality functioning. Computer-based assessment is often part of the assessment. In addition, the candidate will complete self-report behavioral inventories assessing psychological functioning. Candidates should expect to spend approximately 4-6 hours in the testing process.

In some cases, the candidate may also be required by the FAA to obtain a urinalyses on the same day as the testing. Our office can assist the candidate in finding medical laboratories that are conveniently located nearby.

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